Logos & Branding - The Rules for Affiliated Competitions

Are you a rider with a sponsor who wants to put their logo onto your competition gear or do you want to put your own logo on your kit to increase brand awareness? If so, before getting your kit made up, it is important to know the rules regarding logo placement for affiliated competitions. Bri...
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Support Your Sponsors Cheat Sheet

The competition season may not be in full swing BUT don’t leave your sponsors out in the cold! Here is a list of Social Media post ideas that can be used to shout out and support your sponsors during the off season (and beyond)  - no riding necessary... Whether your sponsors are; feed companies,...
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About Me - Who's behind Stitched Equestrian?

For those of you who don’t already know me, I thought I’d introduce myself! I'm Victoria Jenner and I started Stitched Equestrian in 2014 and have been incredibly lucky to have worked with some great brands and high profile riders.  Nothing fills me with more pride than seeing my work out an ab...
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